A Virtual Tour of Montreal and Quebec. Immersive panoramic photography, 360 degree panoramas
Une visite virtuelle à Montréal et Québec, Photographie panoramique et immersive

Paddling on the Ottawa River – panoramic photo

Considered by many as one of the best places for kayaking, the Ottawa River have been hosting different international competitions, e.g., the 2007 World Kayak Championship.

None of this took place here on Bate Island at Canada’s capital, but down the river on its way to Quebec, near the Pontiac region. Yet, this is a great place for learning and training!

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Olympic Stadium: host of the Grey Cup 2008 and FIFA U-20 2007

Home of the Grey Cup 2008 in Montreal, the stadium was Built for the 1976 Olympic Games and is one of the city’s landmarks that with the Mont Royal and the (mental) map of the streets, it’s used as a reference point to know where one is and where to head to. In 2007 the stadium hosted the FIFA Soccer World Cup U-20 games with more than 200 thousand people attendance.

Designed by French architect Roger Taillibert based on forms of plants and animals, the stadium is cited as a masterpiece of Organic Modern Architecture. Its inclined tower is the tallest in the world and features a funicular leading to the observation deck, giving the visitant a remarkable aerial view from the city.

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