A Virtual Tour of Montreal and Quebec. Immersive panoramic photography, 360 degree panoramas
Une visite virtuelle à Montréal et Québec, Photographie panoramique et immersive

Paddling on the Ottawa River – panoramic photo

Considered by many as one of the best places for kayaking, the Ottawa River have been hosting different international competitions, e.g., the 2007 World Kayak Championship.

None of this took place here on Bate Island at Canada’s capital, but down the river on its way to Quebec, near the Pontiac region. Yet, this is a great place for learning and training!

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  1. Sjari December 6th, 2009


    how do you do your Panoramas?
    for me it looks like a one click panorama image!

    what lenses and programs do you use?


  2. Eduardo Hutter December 7th, 2009

    Hi, thanks for passing by.

    It’s not a one shot lenses but several shots stitched together. I use a Nikkor 10.5mm fish-eye on a D200. For the stitching I use PTGui and after that Photoshop to correct the errors, improve the overall image quality, etc.

    You can find a lot of good information here

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